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from London I

Well. Everyone knows I have a dream to go to London. Because of the history, the fashion, the people, the english.. until the weather :P. So, talking about fashion I will post some muses that in my opinion represent the london's fashion very well.

Kate Nash is a singer. She hasn't a perfect body but knows how to use this very well. I love her choices. An inspiration for normal girls like us.

Lily Allen is always irreverent. Sometimes stylish, sometimes very hyped and sometimes really cute as in last photo, for Chanel ç.ç. oin I loved the composite with pastel pink and gold, is my favorite.

Emma is amazing, isn't? Very classical. She is french but lives in London since very young. Yeah, now we know why her last name is elegance. She always shows her fashionist side too as in the last photo posing to Teen Vogue.

Today was the part 1, but I still have many girls to show here. Good Night. Xo!

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Hans Holbein, the court's painter.

. Edward VI, Henrique's son with Jane Seymour

. Anne Boleyn, the second wife.

. Jane Seymour, the third wife.

. Henrique VII.

I wanted post something about art. Particularly, something from renaissance or with renaissance influences. And I remembered of Hans Holbein, a artist and printmaker from Germany that in the end of his life stoped in my favorite court, Henrique's (VIII) court as a painter of portraits.
He painted some Henry's wifes and his son Edward VI.

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I have a indication to you today. Well, I love series but, of course, not SO much like my friend from tudoemsérie. Is in portuguese, but I recommend use the Google Translator to this problem. There he talks about my favorite series " The Tudor". I will translate some parts to you.

" This series talks about the reign of Henry VIII, Elizabeth's father, that was responsible for the rupture between England and the Catholic Church.
The series is very beaultiful. The costume, the scene, the photography, the actors. Everything is very well done cause finally, we are talking of England."

- I died with the last phrase. s2 haha. Thank you Math and congratulations!
- Guys, please, any error in my english, talk to me..

Read the rest in his blog. xo