domingo, 2 de maio de 2010


I think everyone knows how I love fringes.. YES! I have one but I was inspired by a lot of amazing girls and I will put them here.Before I cut my hair, some people talked to me that it would be a important decision cause the fringe have the power to change everything in your face. I don't disagree but for me you can't decide this just following sites advice about your face's shape. Is more than that: your color, your way and mainly your style.. So, I will put the cuts hair I like most.

1. Zooey Deschanel

2. Anne Hathaway

3. Jane Birkin

4. Louise Ebel

Well, advices is not too much, so..
"They should match your face type. Otherwise, they will cause havoc damaged in appearance. For long faces, prefer the fringes long as they give the impression of decreasing the length of the face. The square faces asking fringes with oval shape . Women with oval faces short forehead with perfect or shall bet on the fringes shorter, "says Trindade.
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