segunda-feira, 17 de maio de 2010

from London I

Well. Everyone knows I have a dream to go to London. Because of the history, the fashion, the people, the english.. until the weather :P. So, talking about fashion I will post some muses that in my opinion represent the london's fashion very well.

Kate Nash is a singer. She hasn't a perfect body but knows how to use this very well. I love her choices. An inspiration for normal girls like us.

Lily Allen is always irreverent. Sometimes stylish, sometimes very hyped and sometimes really cute as in last photo, for Chanel ç.ç. oin I loved the composite with pastel pink and gold, is my favorite.

Emma is amazing, isn't? Very classical. She is french but lives in London since very young. Yeah, now we know why her last name is elegance. She always shows her fashionist side too as in the last photo posing to Teen Vogue.

Today was the part 1, but I still have many girls to show here. Good Night. Xo!

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